Illini Comeback Nomination Criteria

A nomination form is required, and may be submitted by University of Illinois students, faculty, staff and alumni. Submission of supplemental information (e.g., nominee’s resume, articles outlining significant accomplishments) is encouraged. Nominations will remain active for a period of three years and may be refreshed with additional information during that time.

Nominees must:

  • hold an earned degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • be an individual of such stature and demonstrated ability that current University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students will take pride in and be inspired by his/her recognition

Those not eligible:

  • Previous recipients
  • Current members of the UI Board of Trustees; the Illinois Alumni Association Board of Advisors; the Awards Committee; the University of Illinois Alumni Alliance Board of Directors; and relatives, employers or employees thereof
  • Current faculty and staff of the University, staff of the Illinois Alumni Association, staff of the University of Illinois Alumni Alliance
  • Persons currently holding or running for elected state or federal public office in Illinois

The recognition may not be conferred in absentia; Comeback Guests are expected to participate in scheduled activities during Homecoming.

Up to five Illini Comeback Guests will be selected in early spring by members of the Student Alumni Ambassadors and honored during Homecoming. Nominations become the property of the Illinois Alumni Association and information therein may be dispersed at the Association’s discretion. The selection committee reserves the right to consider each nominee for other Illinois Alumni Association recognition programs when appropriate.

Deadline for nominations is April 8.