38 things we love about Illinois: No. 11

Illini Union sofas
From venerable agriculture to the computer revolution, rare books to Round Barns, Homecoming parades to tunnel walks, these are a few of our favorite things about our favorite institution of higher education.

11. Sofas of the Illini Union

Constructed of sturdy leather in assorted colors, the sumptuous sofas of the Illini Union have enfolded countless students during periods of study and repose. More than a few of these seats have been known to let books slip between their cushions as users nodded off. Some visitors simply sink down for a moment’s respite to daydream or, in the South Lounge, to gaze upon the Quad. Owing to their popularity, some of the sofas have literally worn out their welcome and are due for replacement—a process under way at presstime.

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