38 things we love about Illinois: No. 8

Wildlife Medical Clinic Anne Rivas, a fourth-year veterinary student, Wildlife Medical Clinic co-manager. (Photo courtesy of UI Archives)
From venerable agriculture to the computer revolution, rare books to Round Barns, Homecoming parades to tunnel walks, these are a few of our favorite things about our favorite institution of higher education.

8. Wildlife Medical Clinic

For animals injured or orphaned in the wild, it provides a haven of safety and healing. All manner of creatures have found refuge at the UI Wildlife Medical Clinic, with a great horned owl, red-tailed hawk and a juvenile Western fox snake among recent visitors. On call 24/7, a volunteer staff of vet-med grad students treats the animals and, if possible, returns them to their habitats. However, several birds of prey and a blue-tongued skink share permanent residence at the clinic, which depends on donations to maintain operations.

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