38 things we love about Illinois: No. 17

Moms and Dads Weekends (Illio 2014 photo)
From venerable agriculture to the computer revolution, rare books to Round Barns, Homecoming parades to tunnel walks, these are a few of our favorite things about our favorite institution of higher education.

17. Moms and Dads Weekends
The Dads arrive in the fall, eager to check on their fledgling Illini, but also primed for sports, sports and more sports, including basketball, hockey and—best of all—the Memorial Stadium Fighting Illini football game at which they are honored. The Moms come in the spring, in time for Stock Pavilion’s Flower Show, tea at Japan House, crafts at the Union and—unofficially—dancing at KAM’S. The weekends are youthful in spirit and venerable in tradition—the sponsoring Dads and Moms associations are believed to be the oldest organizations of their kind in the nation.

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