New graduate Larry Harris a ‘future face of diplomacy’

Larry Harris, a political science major, has been named a fellow in the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program, which he expects to be the first steps of a promising career advocating for the United States overseas.
Larry Harris Jr. '15 LAS is preparing for a career in foreign service, beginning with his fellowship in the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Harris already served overseas via an internship last fall in Vienna.

A walk with the affable Larry Harris, Jr., across campus is not for the shy of heart. He may not know all the 42,000 students who attend the University of Illinois, but as he waves and greets his way across the grassy Quad and through the corridors of the Illini Union, you get the feeling that given a bit more time, he just might.

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